Yahoo releases its rebuilt and redesigned email service

Can Yahoo redeem itself?

Yahoo Mail's redesign is a fresh coat of paint on a burnt-down house. (SOURCE: LIFEWIRE)

Once upon a time, Yahoo was a tech giant and could buy Google and Facebook(which are now worth billions of dollars) with a wave of hands. Today, Yahoo is struggling to stand on its feet due to a marred past. Following its acquisition by Verizon, Yahoo has rolled out a fresh update of its mail, which is a quite stellar rebuild, to 225 million active monthly users.

The update brings a fresh design to Yahoo Mail, but the question remains; Can Yahoo attract new users and win back those who dumped them? Especially after announcing a breach that affected over 500 million Yahoo users and created a damning picture? Well, only time will tell.

Let’s note that a lot of business conduction and private information sharing are predominant in emails these days hence it will be difficult to trust an email service that lacks security. An email service that sway public opinion is the last thing we need for our businesses now.

That notwithstanding, the fresh update is a new start for more promising things from Yahoo but who wants a badass competitor like Google? Yet again, only time will tell.