Ghana’s Chalkboard Education secures $235,000 in Funding


After their start in 2015, the Chalkboard Education has created unique strategies to help organizations discover how they can use e-learning to make learning easier. Using a mobile platform, it digitizes distance learning and makes it accessible to anyone no matter the phone they use.

Whiles rolling out educational services, they track and analyze metrics to help make informed decisions on education; things like the learning patterns to help improve engagement. They also offer consultancy for organizations who want to roll out programs to help build a strong concept.

They just secured $236,072 (EUR 200’000) in expansion financing from the

Jacobs Foundation to further expand its operations in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

We are excited to add Chalkboard Education to our group of partners dedicated to improving access to and the quality of education in Ivory Coast through the TRECC program.” said Fabio Segura, head of international programmes at the Jacobs Foundation.