Android 7.1.1’s panic mode rescues screen when malware attacks

Google to the rescue!

Android 7.1’s silently-implemented panic mode tries to fight back against rogue apps. (Image Source: ANDROID AUTHORITY)

While it is less likely to come across situations where a rogue application compromises someone’s Android phone, nearly every week security researchers talk about malware targeting Android users. These malicious attacks can be avoided by inspecting app permissions or avoiding weird-looking applications.

Your phone’s security is in your own hands but Google has made itself responsible for securing every Android phone and to that effect, they quietly added a security feature called “panic detection”. The folks at XDA Developers uncovered the new “panic mode” in the latest version of Android. This mode helps you to escape a malicious app and go straight to the home screen.

(Image Source: THE REGISTER)

Panic mode detection can be triggered by hitting the home button four times in quick succession, letting you flee the malicious application.

It is a very minor and unpublicised feature yet it is still nice to see what Google is working behind the scenes in order to make Android more secure for the average user.