The Spherical Chess Board

Another level of chess complexity

This beautiful wooden chessboard reinvents the game of chess while maintaining the traditional rules.(Image source: DuckGallery)

This is one of the most innovative things in the game of chess as if chess in itself isn’t hard enough. This spherical inclusion puts a whole new spin on the game The spherical chessboard has magnets on each space. A father and son (design student) duo made the globe chess board.

They pointed out one of the ways this innovation totally changes the game; Bishops become very deadly by the lack of side edges plus you can’t see all the chess pieces at the same time the makers shared their process on instructables.

Ben Myers, the son, posted how he made it with his dad noting that they made the board out of walnut, soft maple, and Jatoba wood, which he measured out and cut to exact dimensions and glued onto eight octagonal rings. Each space has a magnet embedded in it which allows players to move their pieces all over the globe, and once he glued each side together, he used a lathe to turn it into a sphere.

This gives the game of chess an added level of complexity.