Google Glass is officially back!

Google has re-introduced its smart glass on the market again. (SOURCE: SILICONANGLE)

Google Glass is back again on the market with Glass 2.0! The initial version of the Google Glass had many flaws and it didn’t meet market expectations hence leading to its withdrawal from the market by Google.

However, Google’s parent company, Alphabet’s X division continued to develop the technology for more than two years and are set to sell a revamped edition of its smart glass to various businesses.


The smart glass by Google is expected to face competition from Microsoft’s HoloLens, which has been quite successful on the market, and many others. Google hopes to target workers in fields like manufacturing, logistics, engineering and healthcare where its product is more likely to be useful since a wearable information device is an added advantage when one’s hands are engaged.

The aesthetics of putting something hi-tech on one’s face in a work setting is yet to completely catch. Hopefully, Google 2.0 will do better than its previous version.