Someone added the headphone jack to the iPhone 7

This is no joke at all


An iPhone 7 with a 3.5mm headphone jack is a dream device for any disgruntled Apple fans still mourning the loss of the port, it so happens someone has made it a reality. You may remember Scotty Allen, a former software engineer who managed to build his own iPhone 6S out of recycled and spare parts from Shenzhen’s famous phone markets, in China.

Scotty Allen who became famous earlier this year for building an iPhone entirely out of spare parts sourced from China is back again with another amazing project; adding a working headphone jack to an iPhone 7.

This isn’t a joke like the old viral videos of people drilling holes into the bottom of their fancy new iPhones. Allen does it for real; he designs circuit boards, buys chips and hacks together parts from the 3.5mm to Lightning adaptor in order to make this a reality.