The world’s first commercial wireless charging laptop is being made by Dell

It costs a whooping $1 750, damn son!

Photo by Nick Statt

The newest Dell Latitude 7285, the world’s first wirelessly charging laptop, has just been released for sale.

Dell just announced more pricing and availability details today on the device, which is a 12-inch, detachable 2-in-1; first announced back at this year’s CES.

It costs a whooping $1,750. Why the extra cost? Well, it isn’t the tablet that has killer specs but the fact that it has wireless charging capabilities is what accounts for its price as Dell achieves that added advantage through a kind of hack.

The company uses an attachable keyboard, sold separately as a wireless charging base although the keyboard cannot be charged beforehand nor can it be used on any metal surface. Sorry moms😜


Dell said that the new Latitude 7285 12-inch is available for sale on its website starting at $1,199.99, while its Wireless Charging Keyboard and Wireless Charging Mat will cost you $549.99.

You’re going to save $29.99 if you buy them together versus separately. The 12-inch 2-in-1’s $1,199.99 option has a Intel Core i5-7Y54 with 128GB SSD and 8GB of memory.

A 13-inch convertible version of the Dell Latitude 7000 will be available in August. Its pricing hasn’t been announced yet.