10 YouTube Channels I Bet will brighten Your Day

The Best Youtube Channels 10 you must subscribe to!



||Superwoman|| is an awesome YouTube Channel by Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger and comedian, Lilly Singh better known by her YouTube username; Superwoman. It contains satirical takes on everyday life and people’s favorite complaints and also documents people Lilly meets such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez among others. Some popular videos are “How Girls Get Ready”, “Girls On Their Period” and the popular series “My parents reacting to”.


Caspar is a funny YouTube Channel made by Caspar Richard George lee, a British-born South African YouTube personality,vlogger and actor. The Channel features very exciting videos such as “Girlfriend pranks my room-mate”, “Bedroom Advice” and “Kevin Hart used me for YouTube views” which has over 3 million views.

Mo Vlogs

Mo Vlogs is hosted by UAE vlogger and gamer, Mohammed who mainly found success with his luxury car related videos. Mo Vlogs is a hugely popular YouTube Channel with over 800K subscribers. It is the right channel for anyone who is interested in marvelous and luxury cars, Like Mo would say “Yala, Yolo Bye” and don’t forget to check his channel out.

Casey Neistat

A Channel full of adventure, making of stuff and vlogs made by American personality and film-maker, Casey Owen Neistat. It features his travels around the world and interesting stuff he’s been up to. Popular videos are Subway emergency brakes; about when and not to use emergency brake cords on train cars, and Make it Count for Nike and Pokemon Go in Real Life.


A fashion, lifestyle and comedy Channel by YouTube sensation, Eva Gutowski with over 6M YouTube subscribers. “How to Survive High School” series is a very popular series by the channel with 8M views. LifeasEva features very helpful DIY videos and some very much recommended fashion tips.


The Jamie and Nikki channel is by a young, fun and very in love couple; Mr. and Mrs. Perkins that take you into their daily lives as a married couple. The Channel has over 700K subscribers with a lot of insight about relationships and family.


Vice is an American-Canadian digital media and broadcasting company with 7M subscriptions on YouTube. The channel is about exploring truths and promotes itself on the coverage of events that are not likely to be captured or covered well by other news groups.


PointlessBlog is about Alfie Deyes, a British YouTuber and author with over 5.1M subscriptions and 300M video views.The channel speaks of Alfie’s gaming, ice cream and some other crazy yet funny videos and lifestyle.

Alex Boye

Now this is my personal favorite, Alex Boye, a British-born America singer and actor. At this channel he sings hit songs with the grandeur of the African voice in a way that’s spectacular, melodious and also funny making him a YouTube sensation. Popular on his channel are “Under The Sea” and Adele’s “Hello” with over 1M views.


Fashion and Beauty hauls is what makes this channel soo awesome. This channel covers basically everything you need to know about hair,beauty and shopping hauls including commentary on designs.The star of this channel is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, an English fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber and author. The channel also features a day into the life of Zoe and collaboration with other famous stars with 10M subscriptions.