Untold ways to learn effortlessly online

They say time waits for no man but if you waste it today you’re sure to pay later. Due to time constraints I oftentimes do this activity on weekends and use my hard copy books during the day.

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Remember? That colleague who always seems to know what the latest this or that is. Oh that teenager who writes software like a college student but never seems to move an inch. Or yea, that guy who has so many degrees but never leaves for university.

No, it’s not magic neither were they born wise. Don’t be shocked to hear that they got schooled after a few clicks. That’s obvious, we can all do it but it’s not that easy. If you’ve tried it before, you relate with situations where you seem not to find the answers or just find yourself far away from where you started.

 There are numerous articles on this topic but none give out the underlining secrets, we know but often disregard.

I hear self-learners do better on this; but I tell you, extremely lazy but smart people thrive effortlessly too. It’s all about mastering these secrets.

Your passion is your motivation.

What happens when you give a toddler their favorite toy? They play like no one’s business. Do same to you. Look for anything that interests you, that topic or idea that makes you sleepless at night and restless during the day. That project you’re passionate about. Work solely around that. The passion you’ve built is what’s going to motivate you when it gets tough.

Photo credit: THEMACGIRL* via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: THEMACGIRL* via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND


What’s wrong if I have little/ no interest in it? Well, you’ll start off good but will later realize that it seems tougher than imagined. And just give up! Or end up unconsciously doing something of interest; way different from the set goal.

Assignments and group work don’t fall under these because you have no control over the topic. They normally do not last long and wait! The thought of not submitting the work on time by its self is a motivation. So it’s sort of included.

Infatuation (over something not someone) is seriously not cool. Like this moment you’re head over heels about something and the next moment the feeling vanishes like POOF. Here’s my remedy; get people’s opinion about it; ask general-non-bias questions. If after all the bashing and praise you’re still eager to do it, just do it!

Focus on one thing at a time but take breaks.

Don’t get it twisted. Passion without focus gives no tangible results. Watching A instead of B because A is eye catchy is often experienced by many. Or chatting with friend X instead of studying is a common practice. Oh wait watching that cool TV show when you have piles of work to do is common, isn’t it?

This is how I remain focused. I set my goals straight. By next week I should have covered to this or that point. I also block known destruction. My phone always destruct because of the beeps and vibrations. Even after putting them off the indicator lights always manages to catch my eye. So I just put it far away from me. Know what is distracting you and get rid of them till you’re done.

 “He who chases two rabbits catches none” – Confucius

There are a lot of things on the internet, they all seem cool too. But here’s the thing. You cannot learn all at once. You’ll end up being a Jack of All Traits; never mastering anything. [Don’t be Jack; be Rose or Jill (dope bar)]

Photo credit: PeterThoeny via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: PeterThoeny via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

What’s more shameful than being queried about something you claimed to have seen on the internet and not being able to answer because you didn’t pay attention to what you were looking at, since you were too busy surfing the internet instead on focusing on what took you there.

Extended hours of sitting and learning tends to make you either tired or what you’re learning becomes boring. Take intermittent breaks at your own discretion. Depending on your level of absorption and how long you can sit; learning. (Sitting for long hours is harmful to your body especially your back. Dangerous if you’re not in the right sitting posture)

Time management is keen.

Face it, you can’t sit behind your PC all day and night. You need to strategise. In simple English know when exactly to do X and Y. If not you’ll find yourself missing out of greatness in your immediate surroundings and even be late for important things. A common effect of poor time management is a cluttered room and leaving stuff at home.

Plan your day, block out time. Let’s say from the hours of 5:00pm – 6:00pm I will be studying this-that; after I will clean the dishing or watch that movie. It’s usually seems hard to follow. Here’s why; scheduling so many activities with little or no breaks leaves you tired after doing the first and second.


You’re no machine, look at yourself in retrospect. Note your strengths and weaknesses. Work more around your strengths, this aligns with your passion and gives the drive. Draft a schedule that will make you less tensed and gives you much-much more time to rest that head.

For the born lazy (like me); they say time waits for no man but if you waste it today you’re sure to pay later.  Due to time constraints I oftentimes do this activity on weekends and use my hard copy books during the day.

Researching for the best resources speeds you up.

The internet has countless places where you can learn. Knowing how to fish out information from search engines and websites goes a long way to speeding your study. An organized desk and a cluttered desk, which helps you find misplaced items easily? Obviously the organized. The internet is so cluttered. Small pieces of information all over, irrelevant ones dominate.

Using search engines is not that simple. Typing “I want to know how to perform a cesarean session on a pregnant woman” will not give you well ranked results, meaning the quality of content on the webpages you visit may be questionable. Rather note the keywords in your question and enter those in the box with the text cursor. Like, how-is-cesarean-session-done.

Online communities and forums have brilliant answers to questions. Literally any question; just ask. This is because over the years people have experienced similar challenges and gone to the virtual community to be answered.

Bookmarking too saves lots of time. Just clicking a trusted website from a list in your browser is way faster. The bookmark button is a star (☆★). Usually located on the right side of the address bar. Saved bookmarks can be accessed from the main menu.

TIP: To get specific document formats straight from search engines, end keywords with the file extension like .pptx .pdf .zip etc


Look for more practical based approaches.

Throwing apples explains gravity easily than using physics vocabulary. Same applies here, look for resources that break down the idea. After absorbing, if you want further knowledge on it, you can to delve deeper into it.

Vlogs and PowerPoint presentations explain topics better. They are oftentimes individual point of views. Exploring in practical terms is a great way to get your grips on anything