5G internet connectivity is now here!

This might birth the "Gigabit Smartphone"

5G is the upcoming evolution of wireless 4G LTE, which is mostly used today for wireless mobile networks. It'll offer incredibly fast wireless communication that can be used for a number of applications outside of mobile networks, one of which is home internet.(Image Credit: gercekgundem.com)

5G simply stands for “fifth generation” referring to the next and newest mobile wireless standard based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology although a formal standard for 5G is yet to be set.

As 5G is still in development, it is not yet available for use by anyone. However, lots of companies have started creating 5G products and field testing them. Current 4G mobile standards have the potential to provide 100s of Mbps such as the ones offered by telesol, busy and surfline. 5G offers to take that into multi-gigabits per second, giving rise to the ‘Gigabit Smartphone’ and hopefully a slew of innovative services and applications that truly need the type of connectivity that only 5G can offer.

It is realistic to expect 5G to be 10 times faster than 4G. Do not expect the insane speeds run in current demos.(Image Source: tombuechner.com)

Notable advancements in 5G technologies have come from Nokia, Qualcomm and Samsung with growing numbers of companies forming 5G partnerships and pledging money to continue to research into 5G and its application.
Qualcomm and Samsung have focused their 5G efforts on hardware, with Qualcomm creating a 5G modem and Samsung producing a 5G enabled home router.

While 5G isn’t expected until 2020, an increasing number of companies are investing now to prepare for the new mobile wireless standard. We hope to explore 5G, how it works and its impact on future wireless systems.

5G will be significantly faster than 4G, allowing for higher productivity across all capable devices with a theoretical download speed of 10,000 Mbps. Plus, with greater bandwidth comes faster download speeds and the ability to run more complex mobile internet apps.