Finally! Twitter allows you to mute notifications from unfollowers


As announced, Twitter’s new set of badass advanced filters allow you to snooze notifications from accounts with; the default avatar, unconfirmed addresses and phone numbers as well as accounts you don’t follow.

Twitter Safety on July 10th, 2017 tweeted that “Now you have even more control over your notifications. Mute accounts that don’t follow you, new accounts, and more.“.

Sadly, there still isn’t a way(which I’m dying for) to mass unfollow people who don’t follow back nor has there been any discovered way to delete tweets. They say this is because they want to prevent the potential abuse of mass unfollowing people, an initiative which has made Mark Zuckerberg block-immune on Facebook.

To set these advanced filters on the mobile version (IOS/ANDROID), go to the notification timeline under the gear icon right after you install the latest updates. For the PC version just go to the notifications, click settings and check the boxes of your preferred filter(s).


I sincerely hope this will reduce the abuse on the platform and also mute the noise makers.