This foldable cardboard desk assists children in developing countries do school work

This is a game changer

SOURCE: HaYoung Lee

Many kids in developing and rural areas do not have access to classroom stationery or even decent classrooms. They often squeeze time and improvise to make ends meet.

A new game-changing invention called the Letter Desk is here to help address the issue. The Letter Desk is a compact cardboard desk which is light enough to be carried around yet durable enough to last a lifetime.

Adding to the above prowess is its added advantage of being low-cost and recyclable. When folded, the desk can be carried like a briefcase with strong handles.

Lee, a South Korean industrial designer, is the brain behind the desk. While on a trip to India, he observed students sitting on dirt streets, using their legs as writing surfaces.

“I [feel] so much satisfaction to design for people who need help,” says Letter Desk creator HaYoung Lee. “I have decided to be a designer for the poor and people who live in the third world in the future.”

Making these desks widely available in developing nations isn’t easy but with little financial support, this can be achieved.


Lee is currently working to get financial support to enable mass production in a bid to make his innovation take off.

“I would love to make this product widely available, but I need supporters with me,” Lee says.