Itchy Mosquito bites are no match for this Pen

The itching days are over!

This device zaps mosquito bites with heat to stop them itching. (Image Source: BusinessInsider)

Bite Helper is an electric pen that promises to relieve itchy mosquito bites and other bug bites by delivering heat and vibration to increase circulation in the affected area. It works based on a revolutionary thermo-pulse-technology which is drug and chemical free.

Bite Helper has a plastic, somewhat pickle-shaped body, a flat, metallic business end, and a one-button operation. To use the device, you place the quarter-sized metal front directly on the bite (as soon as you notice it), press the button and its so-called “Thermo-Pulse Technology” goes to work. For maximum effectiveness, you hold it in place for a maximum of 30 to 45 seconds.

(Image Source: Indiegogo)

To understand how Bite Helper works, you need to know what happens when a mosquito bites you. After landing on your skin, the mosquito uses its needle-like mouth to pierce your tender flesh and immediately injects some of its own saliva into your skin to prevent blood coagulation. This would cause the mosquito to get stuck while feasting.
Your body then identifies the saliva as “not you” and sends antibodies and histamine to attack the area. The result is a combination of a bump and, thanks to the histamine, the itch.

This is a more technical solution to an age old problem.