Revolutionize Your Learning Experience With The PascoApp

Educational Software as a Service Application (SaaS) for African Education, The Pasco App. Pasco gives you access to past questions and answers related to your academic program from your smartphone.


Pasco is a very popular jargon used by many students in Ghana as a reference to past questions. At a point in our academic journey, there has always been the need to solve past questions thereby preparing ourselves properly for an upcoming exam so as to increase the surety of one excelling, hence Pasco!

The rising of a paperless world, where most books and handouts are being converted to Portable Documents Format (PDFs) to be read on smart devices and laptops, sees less of the student populace carrying weighty books and pamphlets around much to their discomfort. Soft copies of these books and pamphlets has become the order of the day! With smartphones in the picture, a click is all that is needed in reading a whole library.

With all these in mind, software developers at Wires & Bytes who believe in using software as a tool in improving the society and making life easier have developed an Educational Software as a Service Application (SaaS) for African Education. Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring to you, Pasco.  

Pasco gives you access to past questions and answers related to your academic program from your smartphone, saving you most, if not all, of the hustle and bustle of accessing past questions from various departments of the school.

The developers intend to redefine the true meaning of Pasco – as an learning aid and not as an examination passing tool.


Here’s How It Works

After downloading the app, you add courses to your Pasco library from the Pasco store. Each course comes with a number of tests and quizzes. You can then access these tests anywhere you are with your smartphone.

The app comes with some cool features including:

Being able to access questions from your smartphone.

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Being able to take tests on the go wherever you are


Being able to comment on questions and collaborate with others.

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The app is currently in beta. It piloted in KNUST on Monday, 5th September 2016. According to the developers the beta version will be free and run till the end of the semester but will not come with all the full features.

Students in KNUST who want to try out the beta version can click this link to sign up.  Students in other schools can also join the waiting list and be the first to know when the app arrives in their school.

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For more information, Kindly check out their website here.