How I Spent less than 10GHC A Month On Airtime😱


As social beings we tend to overestimate the need of staying in constant touch with each other. In the early 2000s we had the Space -to-Space Operators, then gradually mobile phone penetration began, then the birth of the current social media craze.

According to; over 2.34 Bn people worldwide used social media in 2016. And that’s approximately 31.85% of the people who exist on this planet. You know right!

Social media is used via the internet meaning you’ll gain access only with data connectivity which is quite costly in my region. Well some may beg to differ but if you’re a student like myself and buy your own credit with your monthly stipend then you’ll understand the angle I’m approaching  from.
A month ago I decided to reduce the use of my phone mainly because I used to run out of battery power frequently and didn’t usually have my charger on me. For the first week it was quite an issue because I had people text and call at frequent intervals; making the task difficult.

So I went on to swap out my SIM card. My institution provides students with a SIM card and that was my replacement. It offers me 1GB of Data, 200minutes call time and ~30 SMS; every month. Only a hand few of people have this number. Hence it significantly  reduced cost by a considerable margin but that wasn’t enough.


Also on my campus there are wireless routers mounted at certain places; halls and faculties mainly. These are pretty fast depending on the number of devices sharing the bandwidth at a particular time and how resource intensive the processes being executed are.

I Normally stand on a corridor of my hostel to use the WIFi or at times wait till I have a class to check my social and interact with some of you.

Then this happened…

After weeks of doing these I realized how wasteful I had been and decided to temporarily keep this arrangement for longer; i.e. go off my previous number that everyone has. I started using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp platforms to stay connected with people and used my Email for work related tasks.

This experience taught me that I didn’t need to be always on social media to make my presence known because my posts usually still linger even when I was offline.

I can bet my last penny on the fact that very soon voice calls over radio waves will die and internet calls will be the main deal. Making existing platforms like Skype, OVOO and WhatsApp Messenger mainstream.

It really was a great way of pruning the people around me and easily preventing myself from seeing things that trigger negativity. I’ve been simply living in peace for the pass month because I made a decision to swap out a SIM card and save money 💰 . I earnestly hope I make bank with my new approach to saving my nickels 😂

Please and please, though this is a a great way of pruning the people around you; do keep your emergency contacts aware of the changes being made.