15 Reasons Why You Must Not Miss the 2016 Africa Mobile and ICT Expo


The Africa mobile and ICT Expo will bring together investors and stakeholders in the ICT industry to exhibit, discuss and identify  investment opportunities which will provide solutions to societal challenges, and propel socio-economic transformation at a faster pace.

The three-day event being organised by Coasters Company Limited in partnership with the Ministry of Communications will run from June 7th to June 9th in Accra at the Accra International Conference Center.

Please note that though it is a free event you need to register to receive a name tag upon arrival. click here for registration Information.

I’ve been following  the speakers and  exhibitors closely on social media for some months now and here are my predictions for this years event. You won’t want to miss this.

Virtual reality is the next big thing. It features the user  having a simulated illusion of a different reality.  In short you’re In Accra but the glasses makes you see Kumasi as though you’re there in person.



3D printing is the latest technology in industry, medicine and food all over the world. The printer brings digital drawing to life by printing with its 3 dimensional ordinates. Yes it’s that cool. Come meet Micro-P Laboratory.

T-Rex head printed in Ghana by Micro-P Lab
T-Rex head printed in Ghana by Micro-P Lab

These bamboo bikes have been around for some time. The metallic frame of the typical bicycle is replaced with local bamboo branches. This bicycle model  has sold all across the world and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Bamboo bicycle from CEO of Boomers International Ltd. via Facebook
Bamboo bicycle from CEO of Boomers International Ltd. via Facebook

The company that made the Bamboo bikes will be exhibiting their bamboo mobile phone speakers. They managed to amplify the sound of phone speakers with bamboo branches and no electronics.

Condom vending machine made by the Creativity Group and Kumasi Hive.

Besides planes, birds and witches, there is an autonomous machine called a drone that flies. Usually quad propelled, light weight and remote controlled. Some models have a camera attached to them for aerial cinematography.


Don’t  forget to bring your smartphones or cameras, They may come in handy when taking selfies  with public figures. If you are as lucky as this gentleman, the Vice President may be in your frame.

An organizer of #mobex16 taking a selfie with the Vice President of the republic of Ghana

An active member of the unemployed association? Do you need a Job? Well this  your ticket out of that camp. Over 20 organizations and Job agencies will be around who can help people like you.


If you’re interested rather in entrepreneurship but have no idea what  to do or need inspiration to venture, this is a fine opportunity to meet people who are doing similar things.

Participants having a conversation with a customer personnel. Photo Credit: infoboxdaily.com
Participants having a conversation with a customer personnel. Photo Credit: infoboxdaily.com

A student or just any one who wants motivation or mentorship can register for  #barcampmobex.
Click here for ticket, date and venue information.

Photo Credit: Barcamp Kumasi
Photo Credit: Barcamp Kumasi

Have you heard of the hottest waakye in Accra? Well if you haven’t, come have a taste of heaven.


The 3 day seminar running alongside the exhibition will have great industry men and women who will discuss issues relating to the theme of the event.


Participants are given the opportunity to contribute or ask panelist questions concerning the topic of discussion.


Want to make new friends?  looking for love? hook ups? then this event presents a fine opportunity to meet like minded individuals who can compliment you.


If  you’re not interested in hookups but looking for a co-founder for an idea then this is a perfect place to find such a person. Especially in the technology sector.