mobex-16-logoThere are divers views on technological advancement in Africa and hence our yardsticks for its measure are of different lengths, but you and I will agree to the fact that millennials are working tirelessly on tailor made solutions to  help solve our problems. There are tons of these individuals and startups. Just ask Google (or click here) because the list is inexhaustible.

Think of this! Is there a way of bringing all these tech and entrepreneurial gurus under one roof? Absolutely yea! but it’s being organized in Ghana, West Africa. It’s the Africa Mobile & ICT Expo  (#MOBEX16). I attended the maiden edition in 2015 and had a satisfactory experience.

the innovations marketplace 

It was a three day event with exhibitions from established tech companies and startups. Being exhibited were products and services within the category of food, apps & software, ICT solutions, telemarketing, virtual reality, drone technology, hospitality, telecommunications and obviously gadgets. I noticed there was a Ghanaian Cedi snack vending machine. The conference or if I’m permitted to call it a summit was basically a lineup of expects sharing  expertise on a topic of discussion. Participants were later given the opportunity to ask questions and give their contributions. The issues ranged from online marketing  to big data and even down to online safety and social media. I had the opportunity of making contacts with very influential people, most of whom are now Facebook friends 🙂  Anyways, Least I forget! The career fair was great; interacting with individuals who are in the field I want to pursue gave me good insights.


What’s new with #MOBEX16?

Besides the usual exhibition, conference and career fair, sources tell me there’s going to be a blowup! Figuratively though… This update on the new events lined up are fresh from nature God   erh…bad joke.

Augmented and virtual reality

Owning a Google DIY virtual reality set AKA Cardboard and a PlayStation Vita PCH-1000 I will damn recommend this part of the event to you. Words cannot better explain virtual and augmented reality until you have a feel of it. Trust me! You can Google search it but  you’ll be blown away if you experience it. Virtual reality is basically seeing Nigeria as though you’re there in person but you’re actually physically  in Ghana, this is done through a virtual reality lens  where as Augmented reality is seeing objects in space through a special display. I’ll explain the details later.

The Apps Lounge

A cozy space with lots of displays for you to have first hand interactions with Apps. If you have any questions the developers will be there to assist. There will be connectivity too ( shh… you know you can update your apps)

Music Hub

This will explore the latest trends in the creative arts value chain; from production to marketing to sales of  content; especially on the internet. Online platforms and portals to make revenue from your creatives.

African innovation Avenue

Attend  event to unlock. No spoiler alert! :’)

Why attend and further information

Are you  yearning for more opportunities? unemployed?  Even scouting for startups to invest in? A student who needs real time know how on tech related courses? An entrepreneur, employer or employee wanting to integrate tech into your organisation or you’re just a tech enthusiast like me? If you fall under any ( come on you obviously do ) Click here to visit their website for more updates on the event.