Startup Battlefield Comes To Africa

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is the world’s unrivaled startup competition.


TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is the world’s unrivaled startup competition. The name “Battlefield” was gotten from a popular video game series released by Electronic Arts (EA) that focuses on large maps, vehicle warfare and most importantly, teamwork. The concept was borrowed by TechCrunch in coming up with Startup Battlefield.

Start-ups and Small business can meaningfully contribute to the economic and social development of Africa and the world at large. (Image Source:

Startup Battlefield features between 15 to 30 early stage startups that have little or no prior press exposure. These startups have ready-to-be-shipped or in-production products which are pitched to top judges in front of a vast live audience either present in person or online. The winner takes away the Disrupt Cup and a fat cheque of $50,000. How cool is that? All contestants however, enjoy immense press attention, investor and partner attention, alongside membership in the elite ranks of Battlefield alums such as Dropbox, Trello, Mint, etc. TechCrunch is a leading technology media property dedicated to obsessively profiling startups and reviewing new Internet products. This mandate birthed the Startup Battlefield we talk about today.

Startup Battlefield supports Africa’s inventors, entrepreneurs, and future business leaders. It is the place aspiring youth entrepreneurs meet to make sense of anything from their business ideas to strategies for implementing them, mentorship and seeking seed funding. (Image Source: TechCrunch)

Their statistics tell us in aggregate, a story of 648 strong startups that have participated in Startup Battlefield as of February 2017. They have raised $6.9 billion, while 95 startups have been acquired or have gone public. Previous startup battlefields were organized in New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and London.

TechCrunch Battlefield Africa 2017

This year however, Startup Battlefield comes to Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa to be precise, thanks to Facebook. TechCrunch believes Sub-Saharan African startups are assisting unleash the region’s potential; from last-mile technologies (edtech, agritech, medtech) in remote areas, to mobile-based innovations that palliate financial exchange and lending in bustling cities. Sub-Saharan Africa’s farrago in language, culture, politics, has raised standards and resulted in mind-blowing creativity from entrepreneurs. This fueled the quest to search for creative and innovative entrepreneurs to attend TechCrunch Battlefield Africa 2017 on October, 11 in Nairobi.

The winner of the 2014 Startup Battlefield taking away the Disrupt Cup and check for $50,000, and all the contestants enjoyed immense press, investor and partner attention, along with membership in the elite ranks of Battlefield alums. (Image Source: TechCrunch)

Startups can request to 3 categories; amicable good, capability and utility, gaming and entertainment. TechCrunch will host the event in Nairobi in front of a live assembly and top judges. Live stream will uncover TechCrunch on Facebook so that the rest of the universe can tune in. The judges will name a leader in every category and name an overall winner, “Sub-Saharan Africa’s Most Promising Startup,” whose founders will win $25,000 USD in no-equity money and an all-expense paid outing for dual to San Francisco to contest in a Battlefield during TechCrunch’s flagship event, Disrupt SF 2018.


The Battlefield highlights the best of the entrepreneurial experience; big ideas, hard work, tough conversations and lots of grind! This is an amazing opportunity for any tech start startup in Ghana to be named “Sub-Saharan Africa’s Most Promising Startup”. Direct benefits are investor attention and fame.For more details on how to be a part of this competition,kindly check it out here. Dear Ghanaian tech startups, go for gold!