Piracy on Google Drive and YouTube is becoming massive

Pirates are getting smart


The fight against piracy is seriously on the rise as torrent sites around the world are being threatened, especially over the past year, with being shut down or hidden from the public. With that ongoing, many pirates have been on the hunt for an alternative way to distribute content, and Google Drive has  become a nice quiet hotspot for this activity.

According to Gadgets360, Google currently has over 4,700 requests for Drive content to sift through from the past month alone. The links that content owners are requesting to have taken down are in some cases full movies, but generally, Google’s defenses recognize and automatically take down those files.

To get around Google’s defenses, these pirates are also taking advantage of YouTube. How? Pirates are apparently uploading content to YouTube and marking it as unlisted, and then linking to those videos via Google Drive. This makes it difficult for Google to automatically process the infringing content, and it makes it even harder for copyright holders to find it.