The Ghanaian and reading

We prefer to spend our time and money stalking people and celebrities online; celebrities who pay publicity companies to manage their accounts.


Early July I founded an NGO and as part of the opening of our maiden social media platform I sent broadcast messages to all my contacts via WhatsApp messenger. As expected the messages were met with polar response. It is quite unfortunate that some contacts courageously replied saying they felt lazy reading and hence I should text them what the message was about.

When I was growing up, my father always told my siblings and me to read every written material that  crossed our eyes; even those used to wrap roasted groundnut and
plantain”.” If you want to hide something from a black person put it in a book” is a common quote we often say with humor but without ponder.

I will say “if you want to hide something from an average Ghanaian, feel free to write it down”. “You do not expect anyone to break apart your head and place a book in it” as my mother will put it. If we are not prepared to learn positives today, how can we have a positive tomorrow? We prefer to spend our time and money stalking people and celebrities online; celebrities who pay publicity companies to manage their accounts. Chatting 24/7 with friends talking about nothing profitable.

Always using contracted spellings of words and social media grammar which destroys our language prowess causing a great decline in speech and written delivery.
The graph of development to time of this country is diving deep down the pit of destruction. A fall whose wounds might take decades to heal. The best way to prevent this fall is not to fall at all.

Many will say they were not born with the love for reading or they did not get a rooted foundation when it comes to reading. Such individuals are naive. Who was born a medical practitioner, a teacher or an infamous thief? Or was learning to be those growing up? No one!  “Rome was not built in a day” it took approximately 1,009,491 days according to Natan Gesher. Why will you not pick up an informative reading material today to help build your literacy? What excuse do you have, not to nourish this deficiency?


Reading is a very broad umbrella in which each individual fits, no matter your preferred genre. Novels, drama, poems, biographies, newspapers, blogs, motivational books, the Holy Bible/Quran, movie subtitles, magazines, newsletters, textbooks and dictionaries  are the common examples of text content we often read or  see around.

Last but not least, there are so many avenues to help you improve on your knowledge but if you are not literate enough how do you read them? Then knowledge the becomes far from your reach. Making literacy you midget.

Let us read our country towards the right direction. A direction we will look back one day and say “Yes! We served our country”

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