Durability drop test between the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Smartphone Battle


When Apple announced the new iPhone 8, it was quick to support the device’s durability. With a new, all-glass design, we are rightfully worried about how well built that glass is. “This glass is the most durable ever in an iPhone,” Apple said.

A new video from YouTuber PhoneBuff puts Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus to the test with an extensive drop test and comparison to the Galaxy Note 8.

The biggest change in the iPhone 8’s design compared to the iPhone 7 is the new glass back. Seemingly necessary to accommodate for wireless charging, the iPhone 8 features an all-glass back much like the iPhone 4 did.

In PhoneBuff’s drop test, the iPhone 8 Plus is put through a series of drops, starting with a drop straight on its back. As you can see in the video, the iPhone 8 Plus remains fully functional, but the back glass shatters on impact. The Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t turn out much better, though.


From there, the devices are dropped from a couple of other angles such as a corner drop and face drop. The iPhone 8 Plus fares relatively well during the face drop, with only some minor cracks in the lower left corner and upper right corner. The Galaxy Note 8 looks better on first impressions, thanks largely to its rounded edges, but the camera and flash seemingly stop working.

Last but not least, the devices are put through a “bonus round” of dropping directly on a steel pallet, up to 10 times. The Galaxy Note 8 survives all 10 rounds, whereas the iPhone starts falling apart around round 5. Interestingly, full pieces of glass are falling out of the iPhone.

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