Uber coming to Ghana is a Business Opportunity For Car Owners.

So Uber just launched in Ghana, in June 2016. With all the rave going on, some folks have still not heard about it.


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The Benefits Uber Brings to Businesses & Individuals

Uber is undeniably a smart way of transport; the thin line between “troskis”(mini vans) and taxis. It is a bit more expensive than troskis but relatively cheaper than taxis. I’ve had a few rides and I must say it’s the best alternative to taxis.

How it Works?

You’ll need to have the app installed on your phone in the first place. We’ll go over how to set it up on Android and iOS devices soon. Basically, you simply request for an Uber Ride; driver picks you up, drops you off at your location, you pay the bill (either by cash or credit card), and you’re done. The fare is based on time spent on the road and the distance traveled.

OK The Business Part

The Passenger/Individual:

  •  Like I mentioned early on, it is relatively cheaper compared to taxis. Reason is simple: you don’t have to negotiate price with the driver (we all know the wahala Taxis drivers can give you); everything is “automated”.
  • It is safer: Uber drivers are given a background check before they are allowed to operate. The checks include: driving experience, criminal records and things related to safety, of which the driver must pass all.

The Driver/Car Owner:

  • For the car owner, it means having a side-job where you are your own boss. You only work when you feel like it. No pressure.
  • Uber takes a small commission from the sales made. The rest is yours! This means that the more rides you complete, the more money you earn.
  • You can use your car for Uber after your normal working schedule. Uber is basically a car sharing service. So in essence you’re just sharing your car with riders. Pretty cool huh. That’s what makes you your own boss.
  • If you run a taxi service, this is the best time to repaint it to a private car, then sign up as an Uber driver. Plus anytime someone orders an Uber, they can only cancel with a penalty of paying 5 Cedis. (I haven’t cancelled before though.)
  • Your car just has to be a a model from 2001 onward, near new or in good shape. Hence just about any car can do.

Uber provides a business opportunity for car owners who have the time to make extra cash. A driver I spoke to recently says he makes around 1000 Cedis per week! Just imagine that. Also, if you own a taxi that you have given to a driver this is a good time to switch to Uber. This was you can monitor your sales more accurately. No more arguments about sales made.

Here’s how to get started with Uber on Android and iOS

So Uber just launched in Ghana, in June 2016. With all the rave going on, some folks have still not heard about it. Some folks are even hearing about Uber for the first time in their lives.

The Uber app is quite simple to set up (as any other should be). So in this tutorial, we’ll guide you through a step-by-step procedure on how to set it up on Android and iOS. We chose these platforms as they are the most popular ones.

Setting up an account is quite easy. Simply follow the steps below to begin.

First, if you are Android, visit the play store to download the app. Here is a link to the app on Google Play Store>>

On iOS you can visit the App Store>>

Uber Enable Location

1| Enable location services on your device

Upon installation, you’ll be presented with a screen as shown below. You must enable location services in your phone settings first. The app works based on both the user and driver’s location hence it’s a must to have location enabled. This is relevant as this enables the driver to see your location and get to you on time. Also it gives you the chance to see your driver as he drives towards you on the map. This is a really cool feature.

Uber register account

2| Register an account

You need to register an account in order to use the app. Your phone number is required during the process to verify your identity. After verifying, you’ll then able able to log in to use the app.

Alternatively, you can sign up using with your Google or Facebook account. The first thing you will notice after logging in is a map (obviously). The map shows your current location and a pin, which you can move around the map to a specific location you want.

Uber request ride

3| Requesting for a ride

You can request for a ride by simply entering your location in the search box. If there are any Uber cars available, you’ll have the option to request for a ride, make payment via your credit/debit card or opt to pay in cash when the driver arrives.

Uber account page


4| After the ride

There is an option to give recommendations to the driver after you arrive at your destination. I believe this helps to give some credibility to the driver and a high rating. The driver also has the option to rate you as well. This enables both driver and passenger to rate each other.

Convinced Yet?

Well I hope you are. If you are a car owner, this is a very opportune time to jump in before it gets crowded. And for the passengers, next time you think of hailing a taxi, consider requesting for an Uber instead.

Have you had an experience with Uber yet? Sound it in the comments section below.

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