#12WOSM: All You Need to Know About building A Terrific Social Media Presence

I’m sharing with you my module on how to build a very strong personal social media presence in any industry you may find yourself. I’ll advice you do take everything as it is, but rather take note of the principles and apply them. Without much-ado and your pens and notepads; let’s create the world’s greatest social media account.

All through everyone’s street credit has been something everyone holds dear. I remember during my Junior High School days I saw being seen as a good student in the eyes of the authorities was an ultimate goal. If Abraham Maslow had a pyramid for students, I’d be at the peak. I really went all lengths to make sure they never had a different or bad impression of me. Unfortunately there were times I attempted to impeach some prefects and even my classmates but that’s always wrong and never should be done.

If most of us apply the same aggression and principles we use to gain reputation in our daily lives to social media, then it will be a wonderful community to be a part of. But unfortunately that isn’t the case. In 2017 U.S. President Barrack Obama said “If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try talking with one of them in real life.” and I find this argument though sad, to be true.

You’ve taken the time to set up social-media accounts for yourself on all the major sites. You’re posting regularly, taking the time to interact with your customers and using your social-media platforms as an opportunity to share information about your products or services. (Image Source: istockphoto.com)

Hence this week I’m sharing with you my module on how to build a very strong personal social media presence in any industry you may find yourself. I’ll advice you do take everything as it is, but rather take note of the principles and apply them. Without much-ado and your pens and notepads; let’s create the world’s greatest social media account.

Before I optimized my social media platform I asked myself a billion questions and did a tonne of research on each.  Finally I found my way through and was able to build something enviable. I have grouped the essential advice on what type of answers to give under each. Then the conclusion part will help you understand your needs and how to achieve them.


Unlike the traditional media where people’s alter ego seems to be their ego, social media often times exposes the persona of the person behind that account.  Some skeptics will argue that with consciousness one can hide who they are online. Yes that’s true, but rarely happens. For example if you find yourself in a banter on your personal account, you impulsively respond as you would in person. If you’re quarrelsome you’ll do exactly as your temperament wishes, so with a highly emotional person.

Sidebar, there are soo many characters online and how to deal with them is a plus.

Self-expression seems like the most obvious use of social media; however, there is a huge difference between random chatter and a conscious and strategized self-promotion through the circulation of information about us. (Image Source: legendengage.com)

An important question most career development materials or even instructors ask is “Who are you?”. Self knowledge seems to apply at every point in our life and obviously it does so here. Knowing yourself helps you understand why you do certain things.

Also asking yourself “How do others see you?” is equally imperative. This question is very challenging to answer, I know. But taking a cue from how your close circle of family, friends and contemporaries is a great way to start. Merging the answers from these three cohorts is great a way to start.

If you’re transparent enough you’ll notice there  are some perceptions  or tags you want to be taken off of you, or even some of your qualities you want them to see more. And that brings us to the third question on “How you want others to see you?”.  This too can be called the Ideal Other. So write down the qualities of some persons you really admire and want to adopt. If being frank person is an attribute you admire, write it. Pen it all down, even the negatives.

If you’ve ever been to any interview you’ve most likely been asked  “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” It may seem not to be in sync with this topic, but you’re wrong. Having a sense of what future you want on social media goes a long way to help you structure and brand properly. For example if you want  to be the next biggest African Instagram Makeup artist in 5 years, you will definitely work so freaking hard till you get it (within the five year period).


I’m a practical person by nature and tend to consume so much DIY content online.  I literally live on YouTube to survive, lol.  So take quick glance at your web browser and look for the 10 most visited sites and write down your activities on these sites. These are your habits and proves also your interests which we’ll talk about in the section below. Does information from the gathered have any correlation with your personal habits?  I’m most certain it does, so write the links they have with each other down.

What form of content do you like to see? Is it video? Written articles? Info graphics?  Memes? Photos? 360 video? Ebooks? Or the others I obviously didn’t think about?  Having a favourite or group of favourite content delivery styles goes a long way in helping you appreciate which ones you can produce.

In the absence of guidelines for healthy and polite social media etiquette, we are left to determine our own boundaries for navigating the seemingly endless opportunities available to us.Before we snap one more picture of our pizza, perhaps we would benefit from a brief pause—an extra 30 seconds to ask five simple questions might suggest it’s time to unplug, or at least reconsider when and how we use social media:. (Image Source: Hootsuite)

Now ask yourself which one of these content delivery styles can you produce? Which one are you so eager to recreate? At this point you may be thinking of your current skill set and how ill equipped you are. But that’s not really an issue, I built this blog and designed everything you see without having any fore knowledge in this industry. All I did was to research and learn about the resources the pros use. After which I tried to recreate the aspects of what people had made.  You can equally do same so you don’t necessarily have to bother your head so much about your present skills.

Knowing exactly which of the above you want helps you better understand what kind of things you like your posts to be about and how to even post about them. For example I love reading but I hate reading for long and can hardly finish a book or extremely long post. That’s fine and there’s no shame in that ( I  think 🙂 ). So I prefer writing posts in short and summaries manner but it will deliver a concise message to the readers or viewers.

On the other hand I feel you shouldn’t really bother about length here because good content whether long or super long will still get people to read everything. So focus your efforts on building a strong account around the things you love talking about and how you want others to see it.


With an entire generation growing up under the lure of social media, it’s no surprise that more people are looking for ways to get their name out there. Hence establishing yourself well on social media is key.(Image Source: yourescapefrom9to5.com)

Your online activities and interests are somewhat intertwined. They are proven by your interest in a particular area. To measure this look through your feed and take note of the people you follow; mainly industry people or even celebrities. Listing these people down with the reason(s) you follow them will further assist you in knowing what your interests really are. Another way to do this is checking out your timeline and noting the major topics or titles that seem to run through because platforms like Facebook and Twitter use algorithms that display only posts that you may be interested in.

At this point you need to start looking beyond yourself.  Try to find your target demographic; the people you plan reaching out to. Often times you may not be able to define them immediately but as time goes on you will. The target group for this blog and my social media platforms are males within the ages of 18-25 who interested in how present tech can better their lives and career. Demographics do not necessarily mean that these are the only people you must target. But it helps you better create content tailored for a particular cohort.

It is extremely important to note that good content targeted to the wrong audience is still crap. Knowing where to find your audience is also keen. For example if you are into investments, bonds and stocks, and you’re active on Snapchat; that’s a total waste of efforts because you don’t expect teenagers to purchase your products/services. But using the much more orthodox one’s like Facebook where your target demo may be, will relatively be more effective.


Honestly without a basic internet connection you can’t do anything these days. You’re using internet connection to read this so I’m guessing your fine on this. But that’s the least on the list of resources you’ll need.

Boosting your social media presence is a continuous work that consist of careful exploration and timing. There are many things to do on social media networks, but for businesses, it’s all about reach.So if you’re using the wrong platform, you won’t progress any much good.(Image Source: eyerys.com)

I’m certain that by this point you know your interests and the industry you want to disrupt. Go on to do some research on the resources; the ones those running the game use. For example you want to start producing content on Youtube and you search for the resources. It’s most likely software like Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro will come up, Youtube Creator Academy will also emerge but after a thorough search. Or you want to post on Facebook; search for the awesome blogs that give wonderful content to help inspire your posts or even give you multimedia worth sharing.

All I’m saying is, there are a tonne of resources out there but knowing exactly what you need will help you get the ones you want. Before I started this series I could literally go blank behind my machine when I try to write a new post.  But when I headed over to the social media accounts of people who inspire me or even my competitors, I get great content from just reading comments from their users.

You do not need the latest DSLR or smartphone to take the nicest pictures in town. Or buy a subscription to the pricey digital notebooks to write the best of posts. Little knowledge in that field and knowing how to optimally use resources to your advantage goes a long way in helping you achieve terrific results. Remember that no one cares about your modus operandi, just show them wonderful hipster results and you good to go.


Now that you have all the above in their right places and know what you want and how to get it I will like to touch on the last but equally important thing. Consistency; It’s like the gold of creating content for any platform. The more you create very good content on a regular basis the more people get to see what you do and appreciate your efforts.

The greatest challenge is to rise above all the clutter and establish your brand’s credibility. The effectiveness of social media marketing is highlighted by the fact that it is 100 times more effective in sealing the lead-to-closure (Image Source: shutterstock.com)

You can grow literally any time by being consistent in providing value to those on the receiving end.

Now regroup the answers and narrow them down when these answers are applied.

I like to liken social media to address million of people. Because Facebook has 7 million monthly users and according to my analytics over 7 million people use just Facebook in Ghana (find the right value from Facebook ad sth)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s topic. In case you missed last week’s post on the Importance Of Social Media and How it make Get/Terminate Your Job, click here to read more on that. And don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and even suggestions in the comments section below.