Announcement of new series: 12 Weeks Of Social Media [ #12WOSM ]

I’m sharing with you my module on how to build a very strong personal social media presence in any industry you may find yourself. I’ll advice you do take everything as it is, but rather take note of the principles and apply them. Without much-ado and your pens and notepads; let’s create the world’s greatest social media account.

I will like to do things differently this year by sharing you with much more valuable content. This I believe, will help you stay abreast with current happenings and give you note-worthy and estimable insight into how things work these days.

Taking a cue from anonymous data taken from my readers, I realized that most of you guys take keen interest in how the internet can help improve your everyday living and how to go about your activities online.

Remember the Nigerian political commentator and Blogger; Japheth Omojuwa? Or his 2012 hashtag “#ArikWhereIsMyIpad” which blew up because he lost his device on an Arik Air flight. This trended and a lot of passengers shared similar experiences using the hashtag. The company had to suspend their social media account. He freaking brought them to their feet and that’s the power of the tool you upload selfies unto.

Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa,” a 2013 report by McKinsey & Company, places the continent’s iGDP – or internet contribution to Gross Domestic Product – at $18 billion. According to the 2014 “Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology” report by the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, approximately 78% of internet usage in Africa is for social media. This lays the foundation for Africa’s estimated $14 billion social media industry.

With the internet expected to contribute a minimum of $300 billion to Africa’s GDP by 2025, social media could contribute almost $230 billion to Africa’s remarkable growth by that time. All this is according to ventures africa feature on Africa’s New $14bn Social media industry.

Young Africans Use their Mobile Devices almost all the time.

Studies have shown that we Africans spend a lot of time on these social media platforms, we also send a lot of emails, read news online and post on forums about important activities happening in Africa these days.

Social media by theory are technologies that allow us to create and share information, ideas, other forms of expressions via virtual communities. I’ve been using social media for close to 8 years now and have seen the evolution of most platforms and how people use it daily to make life better. On the flip side I’ve also seen and even corrected some of the mess people have made of themselves online.

Speaking of mess; we sometimes make mistakes on these platforms without considering its viral nature and often take it for granted. Hence, Starting on the 3rd of January 2017 and running through to the 4th of March 2017 I will be posting a 12 week series on social media. Each Tuesday, I will write on topics that matter to you.

The mess some people create online is just too much. (Credit: Sleeping In Airports )


In the first month I will be talking about the myths of social media, personal branding and its economic importance. I will also touch on how it could cost you your job and the educational prowess it gives students. Finding a job and improving your CV with Social media will be mentioned too.

Taking charge of your online reputation and how to avoid cyber bullying people and vice-versa. I will release a list of Top tech and capacity building industry men and women in Africa to follow.

The second month features a cheat sheet to help up your social media game. I will also touch on some of the tools and resources I personally use to make me very efficient. And the best tech to use for social media. Social media commerce, marketing and influencing will be touched on to give you further insights into the new trends.

Child online safety to me is a very important topic in this series and will be duly mentioned. Questions like “at what age should a child use social media?” and “what should they do or not do?” will be answered. If you are a parent how can you shield your children from pedophiles online?

Who is watching? And what do they see? ( Credit: Chatham House)

The last yet equally important month will be about your privacy and the government. In 2016 Ghana, Congo, Uganda and Gabon’s security agencies/governments proposed to shut down social media on their election day. What that meant and how it influenced the entire election process. Was it worth it for the countries who implemented it?

I will throw more light on what the government is really watching and how to steer clear off any troubles. The importance of using an ‘Onion Router’ will be spoken about. Ever wondered how to prevent a hack? I will share with you some simple routine activities I perform to shield myself and this blog.

It will be impudence on my path not to talk about the impact of social media on the continent and the lives it has changed. I will project objectively what the future of social media is going to be and how exactly you can join in.

I hope the series helps in enlightening you on the prowess if a tool most of us take for granted. The secondary aim of this series is to spark a conversation among young people and shape our understanding new media. Feel free to leave your questions and suggestions in the comment session below each time you have any. I will answer your questions as and when you have to. Hope the series makes an impact and make sure you’re not selfish, share with interested friends okay!